September 9

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The Three Rivers Ride
Hosted by Die Hards Candy and Sue
And their trusty steeds Sassy and Buzz

Beautiful scenery on this ride!



Christine stopped in (what's left of) Mayfield on the way in


Sunrise on my way to Mom's to get the horses

Finding #1

Timing Out

Circle 4:  Joanie and Shooter, Bob and Zeke

Moon & Stars:  Trish and Jasmine, Kathryn and Rock

Happy Trails:  Pat, Evelyn (afoot), and Robin

Pat and Gunner, Robin and Scotty

On the Trail

Some kind of buckwheat
maybe California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum)
Also Called: Flat Top Buckwheat or Eastern Mojave Buckwheat


Christine and Lee ran into Kathryn and Trish between #2 and #3

Much of this ride was along the Goodales Cutoff of the Oregon Trail

Scotty thought these were IEDs (intimidating edible devices) placed by the cow


Resting at the top after the climb up from #3
before heading down to #4

This rock looks like a camel laying down in the sunflowers

Christine's view

Lee and Shadow

Only the ride managers left when we got back

Christine coming into camp

Renegades:  Christine and Monty, Lee and Shadow

Shade Hunters:  Shane and Hook, Ellen and Splash, Laurajean and Ella

Circle 4:  Joanie and Shooter, Bob and Zeke

Headed past camp to #5

Moon & Stars:  Trish and Jasmine, Kathryn and Rock

Zipper Lips:  Barry and Ace, Jayme and Bounder

Saddle Bums:  Atul and Angel, Jesse and Sage, Kelly and Scandal

Headed through camp to #5
(I think this is the slowest I've ever seen them go!)

Happy Trails:  Robin and Scotty, Pat and Gunner

First Place:  Zipper Lips

Second Place:  Renegades

Third Place:  Shade Hunters

Fourth Place:  Saddle Bums

Fifth Place:  Moon & Stars

Sixth Place:  Circle 4

Happy Trails


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