September 30

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Aloha 2017
Hosted by Happy Trails
Evelyn, Robin, Pat, Caitlin, and Megan

We definitely said "Aloha" to the summer!



Shade Hunters timing out

Trish and Jasmine

Pretty Jasmine rocking her ear covers they won at the last ride!

Circle 4 timing out

Bob and Zeke

Laurie and Jack

Joanie and Honor

Renegades timing out

Lee and Shadow, Christine and Monty

Tammy and Amanda finding #1 (and Deuce the social butterfly)

Kathryn helping them

Zipper Lips timing out

Jennifer and Legend, Barry and Ace, Jayme and Bounder

Moon and Stars timing out

Trish and Jasmine

Kathryn and Rock

Amanda and Len, Tammy and Rio
So good to see Tammy back on her sweet Rio!

Die Hards 2 timing out

Deuce and Bella leading the way for
Mike and Blondie, Candy and Sassy

Die Hards timing out

Dennis and Swish, Andrea and Brodie

Susan and Buzz, Morgan and Skippy

Saddle Bums timing out

Jesse and Sage, Windy and Popeye, Atul and Angel
It was good to see Wendy again - this was the first
time she has been able to make it out in a long time

Christine and Lee saw Die Hards and Saddle Bums at #2

Christine and Lee saw teams on the trail:

Shade Hunters

Zipper Lips

Moon & Stars

Rio is so sweet!!

So good to see Todd!

Megan, our Aloha Princess

Cutting Birthday cake for Christine and Tammy

Their map was a little worse for wear!

The Awards

First Place:  Renegades

Second Place:  Zipper Lips

Third Place:  Shade Hunters

Fourth Place:  Moon & Stars

Tammy and Amanda rode part of the ride with Moon & Stars

Fifth Place:  Saddle Bums

Sixth Place:  Circle 4

Die Hards

Die Hards 2

After the Ride

Christine and Lee stopped at this old ranch on the way home

They stopped at the old cemetery, too.


The water trough was running again on Sunday!
It had been running the week before, but wasn't on Friday or Saturday.

Megan helped Pat pick up the landmarks and marker at #4

Scotty and Gunner were happy at home

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