May 6

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The Hammett Ride
Hosted by Zipper Lips Barry

The sheep made it interesting!

Friday Night

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Lee and the landmark for #1



The sheep rolled in at about 9:00 A.M.

Finding #1

Justin putting his brand on Christine's Monty

Joanie & Honor

Darrell and Duke, Rita and Jasmine

The sheep herder's horse made things pretty exciting for a minute

Sue and Buzz, Andrea and Swisher

Dennis and Skippy

Pat, Caitlin, Robin, and Megan hiking to #5

Los Lobos:  Jody & Dodge, Trayson & Izzy

Laurie & Jack, Joanie & Honor

Monty getting a little drink on the trail

Christine & Monty, Lee & Shadow

Saddle Bums:  Atul & Angel, Payton & Popeye, Justin & Diamond, Jesse & Sage

Joanie and Laurie

Die Hards:  Sue & Buzz, Andria & Swisher, Dennis & Skippy

Phlox (Phlox divaricata)

Hoary Townsend Daisy (Townsendia incana)

Selfie of Candy & Sassy

Mike & Blondie

Die Hards 2

Dennis, Sue, and Andrea heading for #3

Coming back into camp through the sheep

Christine and Monty, Lee and Shadow

Christine got a little muddy on the trail

Kathryn and Rock

Los Lobos:  Jody & Dodge, Trayson & Izzy

Saddle Bums

Hot to Trot

Circle 4

Die Hards

Watching the sheep

Great Potluck Food!

Prince watching the sheep

and getting some love

The Awards

Deuce Puppy

Buzz free grazing

and Swisher


Sheep herders' camp

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