June 3

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The Oregon Trail Ride
Hosted by Die Hards Candy and Sue
And their trusty steeds Sassy and Buzz

Beautiful scenery on this ride!

Andrea & Swisher (while scouting/setting the ride)

Andrea & Skippy (while scouting/setting the ride)

They saw this little cutie while scouting/setting the ride

Teams looking for #3

Circle 4

Barry & Mariah

Renegades:  Lee & Shadow, Christine & Bandit

Robin & Scotty, Pat & Gunner
(Caitlin felt that Shelby was lame, so headed back to camp)

Christine took this pic of us following past the pond

Renegades going ahead of us

Circle 4 and Kathryn

Christine: Did you find anything up there, Bob?

We continued up the hill then dropped down to #5
(rather than go all the way back through camp)

It's a lot steeper than it looks!

Yep, pictures just don't do it justice; it was steep!

It didn't take Christine and Lee long to go around,
but it would have taken us a lot longer

Teams going through camp to get to #5

Teams Coming Into Camp

Los Lobos

Look!  We're even trotting!

The Awards

First Place:  Renegades

Second Place:  Moon & Stars

Third Place:  Circle 4

Fourth Place:  Zipper Lips

Fifth Place:  Happy Trails

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