June 17

Home Up

Gilmore Ranch Ride
Hosted by Renegades Christine and Lee
And their trusty steeds Monty and Shadow

What could be better than popsicles waiting for you at #5??!!

Beautiful sunrise!

Finding #1

Beautiful Mariah

Cowdog Buddy

Jesse got his trailer repainted

Teams Timing Out

Hot 2 Trot:  Darrell & Duke, Rita & Ranger

Circle 4:  Laurie & Jake, Teri & Woody,
Joanie & Honor, Kathy & Moonshine, Bob & Shooter

Shade Hunters:  Laurajean & Ella, Shane & Hook, Ellen & Splash

Los Lobos:  Trayson & Izzy, Jody & Dodge

Die Hards:  Andrea & Swisher, Wayne & Pepper Sauce,
Sue & Buzz, Dennis & Skippy

Zipper Lips:  Barry & Mariah

Happy Trails:  Pat & Gunner, Robin & Scotty, Evelyn (& Camp Chair)

Die Hards 2:  Karen & Kia, Candy & Sassy, Mike & Blondie

Monty on the road down to #5

Christine above #5 (While scouting/setting the ride)

We chose the harder but shorter way down to #5

Lee had to "finish the bottle" so it could be used for the landmark at #5

Popsicles to cool us off at #5!

Candy ran into Los Lobos on the trail

Karen & Kia

Mike & Blondie & Bella

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily (Calochortus macrocarpus)

Good Boy, Scotty!

Prince all tuckered out

Teams Coming Into Camp

Saddle Bums:  Payton & Popeye, Jesse & Sage,
Justin & Diamond, Atul & Angel

Circle 4

Hot 2 Trot

Zipper Lips

Los Lobos

Die Hards 2

Die Hards

Handsome Cowdog Prince

Christine doing the paperwork

Warming up the bean soup

The Awards

First Place:  Saddle Bums

Second Place:  Circle 4

Third Place:  Hot 2 Trot

Fourth Place:  Shade Hunters

Fifth Place:  Die Hards 2

Sixth Place:  Die Hards

Los Lobos

Happy Trails

Zipper Lips

Christine and Buddy picking up markers

and Prince

Prince's turn to ride

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