August 12

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Pine Creek Ride
Hosted by Happy Trails
Evelyn, Robin, Pat, Caitlin, and Megan

Beautiful scenery, a lost horse, and swimming after the ride!

Friday Night

Almost everyone came and camped with us Friday night.


Poor Daisy!

Die Hards: Sue & Buzz, Trinity & Ink Spot

Hot 2 Trot:  Darrell & Duke, Rita & Ranger, Kathryn & Rock

Circle 4:  Bob & Shooter, Joanie & Honor

Die Hards 2: Mike & Blondie, Candy & Sassy

Renegades:  Lee and Shadow

and Christine & Monty

Shade Hunters: Laurajean & Ella, Ellen & Splash, Shane & Hook

Zipper Lips:  Barry & Ace, Jayme & Bounder

Sulfur Buckwheat (Eriogonum umbellatum)

Buckwheat, may be Siskiyou Buckwheat (Eriogonum siskiyouense)

Teams Coming Into Camp

Hot 2 Trot


Uh oh!  Barry is coming in without his horse
It spooked from some cows, dumped him, and ran away...

Circle 4

Die Hards 2

Barry going out to look for saddle parts

Christine and Lee going out to look for Ace

Jayme, Pat, and Robin out looking for Ace

No sign of him...Meanwhile back at camp...

We found a stirrup

Ace wandered into a camp up the road,
and Christine and Lee brought him back

A little worse for wear, but he'll survive

Everyone watching

Evelyn doing the paperwork

The Awards

First Place: Zipper Lips (even though Barry had to walk into camp!)
Barry's shirt may never be the same... hopefully he will!

Second Place:  Renegades

Third Place:  Hot 2 Trot

Fourth Place:  Shade Hunters

Fifth Place: Circle 4

Sixth Place:  Die Hards 2

Die Hards

Deuce begging for hotdogs

Nice fly mask, Buzz!

Swimming at Sage Hen Reservoir after the ride - So Refreshing!

Saturday Night Visiting

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